Development and Fundraising Assessments

The DVA Navion development/fundraising assessment is a snapshot tool that will provide the leadership of any organization with a thorough understanding of the current fund-raising situation; assess the funding potential in the near/long term; and set achievable goals/objectives/benchmarks for the next three years.  Typically the assessment can be completed in three on-site days.

The Assessment usually progresses as follows: 

Day One – Background data and key staff interviews

DVA Navion will gather and review all relevant fund-raising data for the past three/five years (annual fund/direct mail, events, major and campaign gifts, planned giving efforts, Board/Auxiliary activities, volunteers, etc).  Interviews with senior officials and all fund-raising related staff will be conducted.

Day Two – Interviews with selected Board members and major donors

With a general understanding/background of the fund-raising program, the assessment team will complete interviews with three/four board members and three/four major donor/friends to determine their current involvement, commitment and response to improved/enhanced fund-raising initiatives.

Day Three – Prepare Summary Report and recommendations

Working with the organizational and board leadership, the assessment team will prepare a draft document outlining the various challenges and opportunities for the organization.  Based on the data collected and personal interviews, the report will include recommendations for future directions (a development roadmap); organizational development/staffing; fund-raising activities; specific goals and objectives; and the resources necessary to achieve success.  This report will look specifically at four major areas:  Board/internal giving; annual fund (appeals, events, etc.); major and capital giving; and planned giving/endowment building. 

The draft final report will always be presented in both verbal and written form to the leadership of the organization at the end of the third day.