Bequests and planned giving

As the fastest growing revenue stream, most charitable organisations realise the importance of bequests as a vital source of income. As specialists in creating new and modifying existing programs, our awarded bequest programs are tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements for optimum results.

Our bequest programs nurture, thank and celebrate each bequestor in their lifetime so the granting of a bequest becomes a natural and proud function of the relationship. We establish a Bequest Society allowing the ‘ask’ to be delivered in a comfortable group environment. This identifies, confirms and acknowledges living bequestors.

DVA Navion bequest programs are implemented by Senior Consultants with specialist experience in bequests and planned giving. We establish KPIs and methodologies for measuring real growth and as a result, provide a clear reporting system that is understood throughout your organisation. We also build the skills of your team to maintain an effective and sustainable bequest program and enable organisations to budget bequest income within three to five years from program start-up.

Our bequest services include:

  • Establishment of Bequest Societies
  • Bequest program audits
  • Revitalisation of tired programs