Total Development

The most successful development programmes are those that best integrate the various components of Budget Fundraising, Capital Fundraising and Bequest Promotion/Planned Giving. Taking advantage of all available opportunities in a fully-integrated fundraising programme is known as Total Development™, a concept pioneered by Michael Downes. The Process begins with acquiring new donors, ensuring their involvement over many years, to the stage where will eventually leave a bequest to your organisation.

Total Development™ means that we work hard to integrate your capital campaign with your overall development programme. Our goal is to provide a seamless and harmonious relationship between these differing aspects of your development programme because we believe they build upon and strengthen each other.

Our Approach to Fundraising
At DVA Navion, we understand that fundraising amounts to more than the sum of dollars raised. Fundraising is about offering people a helping hand - making a difference in their lives. So at a time when more and more charitable support is needed, how do you make your organisation stand out? With a tailor-made Total Development™ Plan - from DVA Navion.

DVA Navion works in partnership with you to incorporate your objectives into a custom-tailored action plan. It's a strategic process that ensures your organisation achieves its full potential - not just for today, but for years down the road. Isn't that the kind of commitment you want from your fundraising counsel?