Prospect Research

Common to all successful fundraising progammes are the right leaders asking for the appropriate investment towards a compelling Case for Support. But how much is appropriate as an ask amount? Where might you find new potential donors and friends? Who are the corporate CEO's interested in your programme? What corporations support your nonprofit sector and your particular cause?

At DVA Navion, prospect research is an integral part of every fundraising programme. Experienced fundraising professionals have designed our Research Services over the last ten years. Comprised of fully dedicated staff with technologically-advanced research tools, DVA Navion's researches assist every client, not just those in capital campaigns, to be fully prepared well in advance of a fundraising solicitation.

Our extensive database includes:

  • Biographical information on prospective donors and volunteers.
  • Data compiled by DVA Navion on gifts made previously by large institutions, national and international companies, national foundations and individuals.
  • News releases, annual reports and other public information.

In addition to our custom DVA Navion database, our research department is equipped with current directories, CD-ROM's, periodicals and other reference materials utilized by fundraising professionals. We are also fully automated with Internet access and we subscribe to a variety of online services.

We understand that privacy is an important ethical issue. To respond appropriately, DVA Navion pledges to ensure that the fundamental rights of privacy, accuracy, honesty, and relevance are subscribed to in all research efforts.

At DVA Navion, research is an exhaustive search of information that enhances your ability to build relationships that will benefit both the donor and your organisation. In partnership with our clients, DVA Navion develops extensive profiles on individuals, corporations and foundations who may be the prospective donors to our clients' fund development programmes. With this useful research in hand, you can be sure you are asking the right person for the right amount at the right time!