Development Assessments

In today's competitive environment, it is essential that all fundraising organisations have a clear and dynamic vision as well as an inspiring simple mission in order to effectively communicate themselves to prospective donors. Donors are looking to invest in organisations that are well run and are operationally effective. All this leads to the undisputable fact that all charitable organisations need an effective strategic plan.

The strategic planning process that many organisations have used in the past has suffered from two chronic weaknesses - they take too long and cost too much money.

By taking a more useful approach to their planning efforts, organisations can concretely target their mission and vision and further the organisation's business goals simultaneously.

DVA Navion's strategic planning process helps organisations quickly identify and reach goals that positively impact their bottom line. The copyrighted process offers a fast, fun and inexpensive approach to strategic planning without sacrificing practicality and comprehensiveness. It focuses on four core areas for organisations: The Mission, The Vision, Goals and Performance Improving Objectives.

Unlike other strategic planning consultants, DVA Navion intimately understands fundraising and the culture of not-for-profit organisations. They are fast becoming the strategic planning consultants of choice to charitable agencies around the world.