Tuesdays with Terry

"Tuesdays with Terry #19" - May 2013

The Fundraising Assessment -- pointing the way to greater success

How do you arrive at a workable plan to improve fundraising income and activity?  Merely hoping to do better is not much of a strategy.

One of the quickest...

"Tuesdays with Terry #20" - June 2013

The Winning Ingredient

“If you were to pick just one attribute that leads to the greatest success in fundraising, what would it be?”

That was the question put to me a few weeks ago by someone who has been in the...

"Tuesdays with Terry #21" - July 2013

The Greatest Gift of All

For centuries, bequests and in memorial gifts have provided a major impetus for non-profit organizations of all kinds.  In the USA, the great Stanford University was built in memory of Leland and June...

"Tuesdays with Terry #22" - August 2013

Fundraising in Tough Times 

Within the last five years, our global economy has been hit, smashed,...

"Tuesdays with Terry #18" - April 2013

Help stamp out BWD and TAB . . . Fundraising's dreaded diseases.

In a lighthearted way, there...

"Tuesdays with Terry #24" - October 2013

Take Time to Listen

When you are...

"Tuesdays with Terry #26" - December 2013

Leadership Secrets from Santa Claus